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Corset Belt
Available in Whatever size you need, this fully lined corset is made with the best quality leather. ..
Genevie Corset
Available in sizes 8-20, this fully lined corset is made with the best quality leather. The example ..
GoT inspired Filigree Belt and Shoulders
This is my interpretation of the Game of Thrones Qarth Filigree Belt and Shoulder pieces worn b..
GoT inspired Torso Armour
This is my interpretation of the Game of Thrones Qarth armour worn by Daenerys. This is to my own pa..
Harley Quinn wraparound Fighting Harness
One of our most talked about costumes, this is the Harley Quinn wraparound Fighting Top. Corset b..
Leather Top Hat
This type of top hat has real veg-tanned leather, stitched and laced, that combines to give a t..
Queen Corset
The Queen Corset lives up to her name. Made for recreational use, and available in sizes 8-20, this ..
UlfR Cuirass Full Torso Armour
From the Wolf Operational Armour Division (W.O.A.D.) comes the UlfR Cuirass full torso armour. Made..
Wolf and Cat Claw Gloves
Release the animal inside with these Wolf and Cat claw gloves. In 3 sizes to fit most hands and w..
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Bolero Harness
This is the Wolfs Crafts 'Signature' Bolero Harness. In 2mm Veg-tan leather with an airbrushed ..
Gunslingers Wrist Cuffs
Leather Gunslinger Cuffs. Perfect for your outlaw, explorer, Airship Pirate or Captain. Can be boug..
Semi-Auto Pistol Holsters
Leather holster to suit either a semi-auto or revolver, dependant on size. Shown with toy semi-auto...
Shoulder Holster and Harness
This is a professional quality shoulder holster and rig designed to meet exacting standards. The mod..
Potion Bottle Holster
For LARP, Cosplay or Steampunk, what could be better than a few potions to carry along? Available..
Boot Straps
Something to pull yourself up by! These boot straps are sized to fit most adult boots (note: boots ..
Fleur de Lis Harness
Fleur de Lis harness shown in a rich red. Elegant lines with a discrete and understated motif, this ..
Biowear Face Mask
This multi-piece mask is riveted with a reinforcing collar around the mask itself and a unique strap..
Plague Doctor mask - Riveted
 'The Raven', hand riveted. A full face Plague Doctor mask, this covers the entire face an..
Plague Doctor mask - Stitched
 'The Raven', hand stitched with artificial sinew. A full face Plague Doctor mask, this co..
Engineers Belt with Pouch
The Engineers Belt and Pouch is an upgrade to the original Airship Engineers pouch with more space f..
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