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Welcome to Wolfs Crafts - Leather items: from Steampunk to SciFi, top hats to purses, harnesses to collars. A leather worker for many years, Raven Wolf lived in the middle of the UK for most of his life. Now residing in the sunny climes of South East Queensland, Australia, he continues to craft using leather. His art has been teamed up with his wife Susan with jewellery to accessorise. They started going to alternative markets in 2009, and have now, through word of mouth, spread worldwide with customers after the unique and high quality items he can make. 
Wolfs Crafts specialise in medieval, retro-futuristic, cosplay, and steampunk leather work. Items include a diverse range, from keyfobs, respirator masks, leather top hats, belt pouches and pauldrons. Every piece is hand made, hand sewn and completely unique.

Wolfs Crafts can now accept Visa and Mastercard payments via Paypal.

Wolfs Crafts features the artistic endeavours of Raven Wolf, a leather worker and wood carver whose creations have been shipped worldwide. Originally based in the UK, Wolfs Crafts is now stationed in Brisbane, Australia. 

To all of you, from us at Wolfs Crafts!

Raven Wolf
The leather guy

Wolfs Crafts © 2014

Wolfs Crafts © 2014